Basic Difference Between RAM and ROM.

If you are a computer user or a smartphone user, you probably heard about the terms Ram and Rom. Many people don’t know what are these terms about? If you are also one of them who is not able to  distinguish between these two terms then this article is for you. You’ll know all the basic difference between RAM and ROM in this article.

So, let’s know the basic difference between RAM and ROM.

What is the difference between RAM and ROM?

There are two types of Computer memory.

  1. Primary memory
  2. Secondary memory

RAM and ROM comes in Primary memory, whereas Pendrive, CD etc. comes in Secondary memory. Both RAM and ROM are used in computers, tablets, smartphones, etc.

Basic Difference Between RAM and ROM

RAM stands for Random Access Memory ROM stands for Read Only Memory
It is also called as Volatile Memory, Main Memory and Physical Memory. It is also called as permanent memory and non-volatile memory.
RAM data can be viewed, read, and erased many times There are already programs in it that cannot be changed or removed. They can only be read so it is called read only memory.
We can’t store the data permanently in RAM. We can store the permanently in ROM
RAM processing is very fast and it stores memory data only for the time that the computer is switched on. The data stored in the ROM is not deleted even after the computer is switched off.
RAM is used for temporary storage ROM is used for permanent storage.
Data without power is not saved in RAM Data is also saved without power in ROM.
Read write Speed is very fast in RAM Read write speed is slow in ROM.
RAM data can be accessed via CPU ROM data cannot be accessed by CPU
Without RAM, the mother board cannot function ROM is not compulsory for the mother board to work.
RAM is expensive memory ROM is comparatively cheaper
There are Two types of RAM- Static (SRAM),  Dynamic (DRAM) There three types of ROM- PROM (Programmable Read Only Memory),  EPROM (Erasable Programmable Read Only Memory), EEPROM (Electrical Programmable Read Only Memory)

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