Combine pictures into Pdf in Very few Steps

PDF means a portable document file. It was developed in the 1990s by Adobe. Today, It uses for many purposes like combining a group of articles, combining a group of pictures, etc.  In this post, you will get to know how to add a group of images into a PDF. There are many Softwares available on the internet which helps you to combine pictures into PDF like PDF shaper. But instead of using third party Softwares, there is an inbuilt feature available in windows 10 which allows you to combine a group of images into a single PDF.

There is no complexity in combining a group of pictures into a single PDF. Only a few steps you have to do to combine pictures into PDF. Simply follow the steps given below:

Combine Pictures into PDF

Step 1. Open the folder containing images.

combine pictures into pdf

Step 2. Select all the images which you want to add to PDF.

Step 3. Right-click on any one image and click on the print option.

Step 4. Now, Select Microsoft Print to PDF in printers option. select paper size, Quality, and image on per page.

Step 5. Click the print option

Step 6. You will be asked to save the file. Now, save it where you want

combine pictures into pdf

I hope you understood how to combine a group of pictures into a single PDF. If still you have any doubts then leave a comment below.

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