25+ Cool Google Tricks List for Daily Life – Use Google Like a Pro

Google is the search engine that holds about 92.17% of the market share. It can be used to find a variety of information such as websites, cinema, maps, favorite places, etc. Google is like a different world of information that contains everything, any information that you want.

There are a lot of tips and tricks or hidden secrets available on Google that can make your searches more effective and efficient, maybe you are unaware of these things. Don’t worry, this article is written for you if you are also one of them who doesn’t know these cool google tricks list.

So, In this article, I have been 25+ cool google tricks list. Some of the tricks in this article are really helpful for daily life whereas some are only for fun or entertainment. Anyway, without teasing you anymore let’s start.

1. Comparing Foods Using “VS”


Sometimes you may be facing a problem of deciding better between two foods like pizza and burgers. This trick can help you to decide better between two foods. To compare between any two foods like pizza and burger you have to type like this: pizza vs burger.

2. Web history Checking

web history

This trick can help you in checking your web history. It provides you all the records of your searches and all the sites you visited. To check your web history simply type  https://myactivity.google.com. 

Now, you can control your data yourself by using this trick.

3. Searching Exact Phrase

searching exact phrase


When we search for anything on google we get many results. But what, If you want to search an exact phrase and did not want any different results. This trick can help you in doing this task.

To search an exact phrase, simply put your phrase in quotation marks eg. “cars”.

4. Timer

google timer

Now, you can also set the timer on google. To apply this trick, simply type: timer

5. calculator

google calculator

Sometimes if you are working on google and you need to calculate something then you can do it easily on google. Simply type calculator on google and you’ll get the result.

6. Download mp3 files Easily

mp3 files

There are millions of mp3 files available on Google. If want to download any particular mp3 file then type in google: intitle index of?mp3 name of song.


7.  Watch Night Sky

Due to pollution, we are able to see the beautiful sky full of stars at night. But don’t worry, until you have this trick. By using this trick you can see the night sky very easily and clearly on google. You don’t need any spaceship as well, simply click here and see the magic.

8. Find Lost Phone

find lost handsets

Sometimes our handset lost and we get in trouble. If you are also one of them, then don’t worry this trick is going to help you in finding your handset very easily. To find your handset you need your Gmail that was signed in your lost device.

Now, Search in google find my phone and then enter the email of your lost handset. Now you can easily trace your phone’s location by following this trick.

   9. Play Atari Game


atari game


If you are bored and want to time pass then google is going to help you. Simply search:  “Atari Breakout”.

  10. Use your chrome as a Notepad:

Did you know that by typing this address: “data: text/html, <html contenteditable>”  in the search bar you can use your chrome browser as notepad.

11. Check Sunrise And Sunset:

Sunrise and Sunset

If you don’t the Sunrise and Sunset time of any particular location then try this trick to find out. Simply search on google “Sunrise in Location name” or “Sunset in Location name” and you’ll get the result.

12. Weather:  cool google tricks list

There are many websites that show weather forecast details. But what if you want to know the weather forecast details quickly.

Google can help you to find the weather of any city quickly by just Googling “Forecast in location name”.

13. Convert Areas: convert areas

 Now, Google can help you in converting measurements or areas by just entering the direct queries. Like “14 Meters to Inches”.

14. Know flight status:

If you want to know the status of any flight quickly then simply enter the name of the Flight in Google.

15. Find out launch date: cool google tricks list

If you want to know when a company was launched, search “Company name+ launched”, and you’ll get your result.

16. Currency Converter:cool google tricks list

Most people may already know this, but I’m still going to share this useful trick for those who don’t know. To perform this trick, simply type in the search bar like this “Conver 20 dollar into rupees”.

17. Find books written by favorite authors: cool google tricks list

If like any author and wants to read the books written by him then simply, search “Books written by Author name” and you will get your result.

18. Compare distance: cool google tricks list

If you don’t the distance between any two particular destinations and want to quickly compare the distance then

Search for “Distance between Destination 1 to Destination 2”

19. Find restaurants: cool google tricks list

Quickly find restaurants near you by Searching for “Restaurants near me”.

20. Find the IP address:

Search for “IP address” or “my IP address” on google to find your Devices IP address.

21. Get customer care number: cool google tricks list

If you want to know any customer care service number then Search “Company name + Customer care number” and you will get the result in the quick answer box.

22. Get Cricket scores:

Just search for “Cricket scores” in Google and get the scores of both old and live matches.

23. OR operator:

By using the OR operator, you can search 2 queries at once.

Just Search like this “Query 1 OR Query 2″ and you will get the results of both queries.

24. Flip a coin: cool google tricks list

If you want to flip a coin to decide something but you don’t have a coin, don’t worry because Google can help you to flip a coin by searching “flip a coin”.

25. Tic Tac Toe: cool google tricks list

If you are bored and want to time pass then you can try this popular game on google by searching “Tic tac toe” in Google search

26. Google Pacman: cool google tricks list

This is yet another popular game that you can play in Google search itself. To play it simply google “play Pacman”.

27. Play Solitaire:

You can also play solitaire in Google search by typing “Play solitaire” in Google

28. Hashtags:

Use hashtags before queries to find trending or hot topics.

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Thank you.

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