Super Cool Tricks for YouTube That Can Go a Long Way for You

Handy and cool YouTube tricks can save lot of your time and render you more productive. Although, the web space is full of tricks but at times, you feel stuck up figuring the right ones.

So, friends I tried enlisting some of most useful YouTube tricks which I am sure you would enjoy learning.

Down the lines, I am going to illustrate you those tricks of YouTube that could be really useful in your daily life. As we all know that YouTube is the most popular video sharing and watching platform in the world and there are millions of videos on YouTube category wise.

Everyday, people use to watch videos on YouTube that makes them more knowledgeable and keep them informed. 

I am sure, you are also a conversant user of YouTube and you will find these cool tricks worth learning.

1. Making Use of Incognito Tab in YouTube- One of rare cool tricks for youtube

Incognito tab is a feature in YouTube or browser which helps you hiding the search history from the eyes of Google. The standard form of YouTube leaves traces of watch history, cookies, passwords etc. But, if you enable the incognito mode of YouTube you can actually restrict the access  YouTube search engine from capturing these attributes. Meaning, if you want to keep your personal data from YouTube you can use incognito tab feature.

To enable incognito mode Open youtube> Tap on Your Profile Icon> Click on Turn incognito mode.

2. Enabling Dark Theme Feature on YouTube

As we know that there are many people who used to watch videos on youtube late night which is very harmful for them and it can damage their eyes due to blueslight realse from mobile phones at night. So youtube add a new feature in youtube application that is DARK THEME . By enabling this feature you can watch videos on youtube late night without facing any problem.

To enable DARK THEME  Open youtube> Click on Profile icon> Settings> General> Dark Theme

3. Enabling Restricted Mode Feature on YouTube

There are too many video on youtube and also having many categories of videos . There may be some bad content video. which can be harmful for children. To stop showing recommendation of age restricted or bad videos on youtube you have to enable restricted mode in youtube.

To enable Restricted mode Open youtube> Tap Profile icon> Open settings> General> Enable Restricted mode.

4. Working through keyboard for youtube videos

You will amazed to know that youtube can be watched using keyboard only.  Add “/leanback” after and press enter and you will the magic

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5. Converting Youtube videos into GIF

This one is really cool trick that, I have used for myself creating many GIF out of youtube videos. Just add gif right before “youtube”  part of the Video URL. For example insert “gif” at the coloured part of the URL below


I  am sure the tricks that you have gone through here are convincingly useful hacks in your everyday activities of dealing with youtube. Please forget not to speak your experience below and encourage thereby me to write more for you. 

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