How to Bring Traffic on a NEW Website and Raise its Authority Eventually?

Once a website started getting traffic then it becomes easy to increase it but, what if your website is new and wants to bring traffic? Don’t worry if you are also one of them who has started a new website and not getting even a single visitor then I am here to help you. How to Bring Traffic on a NEW Website and Raise its Authority Eventually.

Before we go further, one thing I want to tell you that the methods I am going to share with you is useless, until you have written some quality contents (minimum 20-30 articles) on your website.

So let’s see How to Bring Traffic on a NEW Website and Raise its Authority Eventually?

  1. Partner with Other Content Creator: Working with other content creators, instead of directly competing with them, can have several benefits. Search Results

Not everyone is going to be open to partnership, and not everyone would make a good partner. Keep your eyes out for people who seem friendly, chatty, responsive, and good at creating content. Also, make sure they have similar interests and a similar background. Start slow.

By partnering with other content creator you’ll find that they’ll promote the content.

  1. Giveaways, Contest, or Promotions: This is the best way to attract more people to your blog. You can organize contests and giveaways on social media and Funnel People back to your website. You can take help from tools like and Rafflecopter lets people get more entries by sharing your contest with their friends, which can make your contest go viral.
  2. Guest Posting: If you have started a fresh and new blog and want to bring some traffic then guest posting is the best way through which you can go. By guest posting, you will not get only traffic but also a quality backlink().

It doesn’t matter how old is your website, if you use this method properly then no one can stop you to take your website at the top level.

If you want to write guest posts then you can check with other blogs in your niche to see if they accept guest posts.

You can also search on google to grab these opportunities. Just search for your niche keywords alongside search terms such as:

  • Guest articles
  • Submit guest articles
  • Guest blogging
  • Submit articles
  • Guest authors

Note: Don’t forget to check out the DA (Domain authority)and PA (Page authority) of the website for which you are writing guest posts.

Remember, It’s going to be that easy you are thinking. If you really want to get success then you have to give a lot of time in it.

Maybe, you can get this opportunity very soon or may take a long time. So, always try to find out the best opportunities on the internet.

Neither guest posting is totally free nor paid. If work smartly with hard work then you will get a lot of free offers. So, go and start it from now ?.

  1. Share your Posts on Social media: In the starting days of your blogging (when no traffic is coming to your website), try to share your blog articles on social media like a crazy man.

Whenever you publish any content, remember that you need to get it in front of many people as much as possible. The more people watch your content immediately after launch time, the more quickly your content becomes viral due to social proof.

Before launching your content, pay attention to the launch time first. It means to think about your targeted audience and when they are most likely online.

And, be sure to promote your content on social media, asking your friends and marketing partners to share it. Also, you can join the Facebook group and Facebook pages based on your niche related and start sharing your content in these groups and pages.

  1. Blog Commenting: This is a traditional method to drive traffic but you can use it in the present time also if you use it correctly. At the end of your comment, you can post a link to your blog (where allowed).

Note: Don’t “hit and run” blogs with your comments.

Whenever you are commenting on other people’s blogs, keep a mindset of giving information through the comment.

Don’t think you can write anything in the comment section and put a link to your website. If you do so, then your website can get penalized by Google. So, try to include the link only where is needed.

  1. Organic Traffic Method: Target High-Volume and Low-Competition Keywords: SEO is the way to optimize the posts according to search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. and get rank on the first page to get traffic. This is the best and free way to drive traffic (also known as organic traffic).

SEO is too vast, there are a lot of things you have to study about it. To know in detail you can check our 50+ ways to increase the traffic of your website.

  1. Answer the Questions on Forum Websites Like Quora: It is similar to guest posting. Like guest posting, you can write articles on the forum websites like Quora and include links to your website.

The downside of it is backlink. Yes, the main difference between guest posting and forum websites like Quora is backlink.

In the guest posting, you need a lot of time and hard work to find out the opportunities but in Quora, the only thing you have to do is to create your account.

If you do guest blogging, you will get a lot of traffic with quality backlinks that will increase your website DA (Domain Authority) and PA (Page Authority).

Of course, you will also get huge traffic through Forum Websites like Quora but the most important thing you’ll miss is Backlinks.

Note: Quora and all forum websites like Reddit, XDA- Developers, etc. give No-follow backlink.

  1. Start YouTube Channel: If have any talent or you are an expert in any niche then you can start a YouTube channel.

Also, you can make videos of your blog articles and publish them on YouTube because videos is more engaging than articles.

When your audience grows on YouTube, you can tell them to check out your blog.

You can check out our articles on-


If you are going to start a blog or already have a blog, then your first focus should be on content quality and Normal SEO (on-page and off-page SEO). Your hard work on bringing traffic is useless until you focus on your content quality.

After creating awesome and useful content, follow these methods to bring traffic to your new website.

If you have doubt then leave a comment below.

Thank you.



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