How to Change Pendrive Icon

Whenever you connect a drive to your computer, Windows automatically recognizes it and shows the name and default icon of it. Are you bored with your pen drives default icon? If yes, then in this post you will learn how to change Pendrive icon. It’s very quite simple to set a custom icon on any removable drive.

How to Change Pendrive Icon

To display a custom icon of your Pendrive you need an image of .bmp extension. You can create it or download it online. To make an image of .bmp extension, open the image in the paint which you want to use as an icon. Now, Click on files> Save as> Bmp pictures. Once, you change the extension of your image then follow the next steps below:

Step 1. Connect the Pendrive or any removable drive to your computer, which icon you want to change

Step 2. Open the Pendrive.


Step 3. Create a text document file in the Pendrive by Right click> Select new> Text documents and save it.

how to change pendrive icon

Step 4. Now, open the document file by double click and type or copy and paste the following:

Icon = icon-name.bmp

how to change pendrive icon

In the icon, section type the name of the image which you were earlier change its extension (.bmp)

Note: Don’t forget to write the .bmp extension after the name of the icon

Step 5. Once you write the code as above shown then click on File >click Save as and name it as autorun.inf and select the file type as all files.

how to change pendrive icon

Step 6. Now, remove the Pendrive from your computer and insert it again in the USB port. You will notice that your icon is changed.

Note: The custom icon of your Pendrive will be removed, if you delete the autorun.inf and icon file from your Pendrive. To avoid getting the icon to remove from your Pendrive by mistake hide these files.

Step 6. Select the autorun.inf and icon files in your Pendrive and Right-click > Properties. In the General tab under attributes mark the hidden option as shown in the image.

how to change pendrive icon




Step 7. Click apply and then click ok to save.



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