How to Start and Grow a YouTube Channel- a Simple Guide for Beginners

Do you Want to get to know How to start and grow a YouTube Channel? Maybe you want, but a bit unaware about what does it take to start one. And secondly, what could be the potential benefits of starting your very own YouTube channel.

How to start and grow a youtube channel

Let me put the records straight first. YouTube is one of the most famous social media site for watching and sharing videos on this planet. It is owned by Google search engine. 

On this site, there are a lot of different types of Content are available like technology, cooking, comedy, music, etc. Also, you can learn a lot of things from YouTube as it has many education channels too.

Apart from learning, this platform is gaining popularity as means to make money for ordinary people like me and you.

You can also use this media as a platform for branding your individuality or a company of your own. The possibilities are just endless. You might not wonder that YouTube can help you meet all these ends without spending a dime.

Obviously giving serious consideration to building a  YouTube channel could be your best bet.

So, What Does It Take To Start and Grow a YouTube Channel?

Today I am going to outline the complete process on how to build a  YouTube channel step by step and eventually make it grow like anything. It’s very easy to create and grow a YouTube channel but you would need to put in hard work with consistency. Like, in every sphere of life hard work with consistency is a primary requirement, getting success in YouTube is no different.

Because all over the world no one can be a rich person or gets his success without doing hard work, only one thing in the world can make you rich in 1 minute by your luck that is the lottery. So, if you are thinking about these Stupid things that you will get instant success without doing hard work then forget about.

It doesn’t mean that you’ll not get success on YouTube. Of course, if you will do hard work with consistency then no one can stop you to achieve success.

Anyway, I won’t be teasing you anymore, if you are really passionate to become an YouTuber then it’s an obvious thing that you may already know about YouTube. And that is the reason you are here also.

How to Create your YouTube Channel.

  1. Create a Gmail account: Gmail is the first thing that you’ll need in creating a YouTube channel. So, first a Gmail account and if you already have then you are one step ahead. Now, the next step is to create a YouTube channel. It’s too easy to create a YouTube channel, you can simply go through this article or this video.
  2. Choose Your  Niche: Once you have done the process of creating a YouTube channel, then the main step comes here, and that is choosing your channel’s category. It means the topic or category that you like the most. Your interest can be anything like Dancing, Singing, Educating, etc.

So, choose your Videos category Wisely because if you’ll choose any topic that does not match your interest then after uploading 2 to 3 videos you’ll get tired and Give UP. And this the step where most of the beginners do mistake, so be careful.

  1. Start Uploading Videos: Now, the last step is “Stop thinking and Start uploading videos”. You can check out this article to get a step by step guide on uploading videos on YouTube.

Grow on YouTube Channel

Don’t focus on how to grow your YouTube channel until you upload enough videos (Atleast 30 to 40 videos). In this stage, mostly people give up.

There is no such hard and fast rule on How to start and grow a YouTube channel. So, do your work honestly with consistency. The only thing is in your hand is creating quality content and do proper SEO.

  • Try to make awesome and value-added Content that if anyone started watching your videos then don’t leave before it’s over.
  • Upload videos with consistency So that your viewers can be engaged with your channel.
  • Focus on your Videos Thumbnail– Thumbnail is one of the most important elements of your videos. The more attractive thumbnail the viewers will be attracted to your videos. So, try to make your videos thumbnail very attractive- Use attractive colors, text, images, etc. Also, make the thumbnails as an overview of your videos- it means what are you going to tell or show your viewers inside the videos.
  • During upload time, Focus on some important SEO Parts of videos like Title, Tags, and Description.
  • Promote your videos on social media like Facebook, WhatsApp groups, twitter, etc. as much as you can. You can join Facebook groups and Facebook pages based on your Niche and share your videos there.
  • Never steal others video content in your videos. If you do so (copy-paste), then you will get strikes on your YouTube channel and you will be Terminated. So, don’t break the rules of YouTube if you really want to grow. Be creative and make your own content.

These are the genuine ways to grow on YouTube

You can also checkout this article on How to start a website step by step guide.

If there come any doubts then comment below, please. I’m always there to help you.

Thank You.

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