What is Freelancing and how can you Make Money in Freelancing?

If you do not want to follow the hectic routine of the office and work away from the workplace pressure, freelancing can be a great option for you. It can give you a bit more control and freedom in your professional life.

The freelancing community is gradually increasing. According to Statista, the number will increase to over 86 million by the end of 2028.

What is Freelancing?

The term freelance is used for the person who is self- employed and not necessarily committed to a particular employer long-term.

Freelancing is the best option to work from home and earn money. In this, you can choose the work you love to do (passion). There are a lot of categories available in freelancing include music, computer programming, web design, writing, film and video production, acting, graphic design, translating and illustrating,  etc.

According to the 2012 Freelance Industry Report compiled primarily about North America freelancing, nearly half of freelancers do writing work, with 18% of freelancers listing writing as a primary skill, 10% editing/copy-editing, and 10% as copy-writing. 20% of freelancers listed their primary skills as design. Translating (8%), web development (5.5%), and marketing (4%).

Freelancing is projected to grow to $20–$30 billion in the next 5–7 years in India, and the freelancers in the US will comprise 40% (approx) of the workforce at the present growth rate.

How can you make money in freelancing?

It’s very simple to make money in freelancing. Just follow the steps given below.

  1. Choose your field: Choose your passion- means the field in which you are an expert. Remember, you could be success only when you choose the right work for yourself. So, don’t choose any field that you don’t like.
  2. Determine your service and client type: You should have a very clear vision about your service and client type. If you want to handle only projects related to WordPress then don’t take the rest of the projects in hand. Apart from this, also decide whether you want to join long term or short term projects.
  3. Determine the price of your work: You have to decide a minimum price for your work, which will be according to your skills. This the price you will be paid for your work in the freelancing industry. So keep in mind your skills, experience, and market demand while deciding it.
  1. Create your portfolio: Instead of a degree, your work sample will be seen in freelancing. So, mention your work sample and previous projects in your portfolio.
  2. Be Trustworthy: It is one of the most important from the above points to get success in this field. If you have taken a project then try to complete and send it on time. Also, whether you are a content writer, web developer, designer, or anything, never forget to focus on the quality of content.

Only by doing this, you can win the trust of your clients. And, once you got the attention or trust of clients then no one can stop you to get succeed in this field.

Also, you will get more projects or works in freelancing when you build trust between you and clients.

Pros and Cons of Freelancing:

Everything has its own pros and cons whether it is a job or anything else in this world, and freelancing is no different.


  •  You have control over your workload.
  • Income is a big benefit of freelancing- You can decide your salary yourself according to your skills, experience, and market demand.
  • Flexibility and remote work are also a perk.
  • When you freelance, you’re in the driver’s seat- it means you have full control over working time and working place.


  • Since you are a business owner, it comes additional responsibilities like you need to stay on top of taxes, invoices, payments received, finding your own health insurance, and buying every piece of software and technology that you need to complete your work.
  •  In some months you’ll get a lot of work but sometimes it may become reverse.
  • Freelancing requires good money management and constant sourcing of new clients.
  • You may be relying on a consistent contract with one client

Characteristics that you should have as a Freelancer:

  • Discipline: Since you are your own boss, so there is no one to watch or judge you when you spend an hour on social media instead of working.
  • Persistence: It is very important, especially when you are just getting started as a freelancer and desperately trying to track down work.
  • Organization: You are the owner of your business, so you will have to keep track of your income and expenses.
  • Communicative: Being a freelancer involves a lot of communication. You need to be prepared to have difficult conversations — such as interacting at a high rate or breaking up with the client – and handling them cleverly and professionally.

Best freelancing platforms:

  1. Upwork
  2. Designhill
  3. Toptal
  4. LinkedIn and LinkedIn ProFinder
  5. We Work Remotely
  6. Behance
  7. SimplyHired
  8. Dribbble
  9. Fiverr
  10. PeoplePerHour
  11. Guru
  12. Freelancer
  13. AngelList
  14. 99designs
  15. Working Not Working
  16. Webflow Experts

Now, you are ready to become a freelancer. Be your own boss and make money in freelancing.

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