Best Website Traffic Estimator tool- Calculate your competitor’s website traffic easily.

Do want to know how much traffic a website gets?

In this article, you will learn how to use a traffic checker platform to estimate how many visitors a website gets. Finding the traffic of a website also a part of competitive analysis. It can also help you better understand what is needed to Rank in the first position of SERP.

Using the tools and services that are described in this article, you can determine:

  • How much traffic does the website get?
  • The Top keywords that drive the most traffic to a website
  • Sources of Traffic

Top 5 Best Website Traffic Estimator tool:

  1. SEMrush: 

SEMrush traffic analytics tool is the latest released tool within their SEO program section. It is the best tool for performing competitive analysis because the accuracy and data provided by the SEMrush traffic Analytics tool are unbeatable.

It can give you the following data quickly:

  • Check Website Visitors by Subdomain
  • Top Landing Pages
  • Traffic by Device
  • Traffic by Countries
  • Visitors Behavior
  1. Serpstat:

It comes with the both free and paid version. You can get a detailed breakdown of both competitors and your own website.

If you want to unlock more data and let you access the full search analytics, position tracking, & backlink analysis then you have pay for it. Prices start from $69.

You can get the following data by using Serpstat:

  • Domain Analysis – Overview
  • Organic Keywords
  • Organic Keyword Positions
  • Keyword Position Distribution
  • Traffic Trend for The Year
  • Keyword Trend for The Year
  • Top Pages
  • Competitors in Organic Search
  • Competitors Graph
  1. SimilarWeb:

Similar web helps you get detailed data from different sites and gives you a comprehensive overview of how a website is ranked.

From this, you get to see how the website is ranked globally, countrywide, and according to its category.

You can get the following data by using SimilarWeb:

  • Referrals- An easy to read diagram of the top referring sites.
  • Search Traffic- Traffic coming from SERP.
  • Display Advertising- If your competitor is running display advertising “banner ads” you can find the data here.
  • Audience
  • Competitors
  • Mobile Apps- Data will be shown here, If the website has a mobile app
  1. Quantcast:

It is the most accurate website traffic estimator tool. The core feature of this tool is providing the behavior of unique visitors on a website. Also, by using this tool you can track the data in real-time, this is an important tool as you can monitor changes that you might make on your site and see the impacts.

You have to sign up and place a tracking code on your own website to access Quantcast data. It is worth for those especially who run advertising campaigns.

You can get the following data by using Quantcast:

  • Demographics- This data is invaluable when running ads on a website.
  • Cross-platform- devices used by visitors to your website or competitors’ website.
  • Engagement
  • Shopping Interests of visitors
  • Media Interests of visitors
  • Business & Occupation- It shows, which sector your visitors are working with, their revenue, and industry.
  • General Interests of visitors
  • Geographic-
  • Political Interest
  1. Alexa:

It is the first and oldest traffic estimator, Alexa Internet has been around since 1996. Basically it was set up to help the users find similar websites they may like.

Currently, you can get the following data by using Alexa.

  • Alexa Rank
  • Geography
  • Engagement
  • Search Traffic
  • Backlinks

There are many more website traffic estimator tool available on the internet but these are the main or most used tools. If you want to check your own website traffic then you can use these tools but for better insights, you can use google analytics or Google Webmaster.

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