Khaza Kamil Gates: Unveiling the Life and Legacy of Kevin Gates’ Youngest Son

In the shimmering world of fame and fortune, where glitz and glamour often steal the spotlight, there exists a young star who shines brightly in the shadows of his illustrious parents. Meet Khaza Kamil Gates, the youngest child born to the renowned rapper, Kevin Gates, and the social media sensation, Dreka Gates.

In this narrative, we delve into the captivating story of a boy who has grown up amid the echoes of stardom, and whose life is a testament to the curiosity sparked by being the offspring of two household names. Khaza Kamil Gates, at a tender age, has already become the center of attention, and his journey promises to be as intriguing as the legacy of his famous parents.

Khaza Kamil Gates Wiki

Full NameKhaza Kamil Gates
Popular NameKhaza
Birth PlaceAtlanta, Georgia
BirthdayMay 9, 2014
Age (as of 2023)9 years
Zodiac SignTaurus
FatherKevin Gates
MotherDreka Gates
SiblingsOlder sister Islah Koren Gates
Eye ColorDark Brown
Hair ColorBlack
Notable AchievementKevin Gates’ third album “Khaza”
Net Worth of Father (2023)Over $1 million
Family BackgroundIslamic heritage, open relationship
Notable FeatureBorn through water birth

Early Life and Background of Khaza Kamil Gates

In the heart of Atlanta, Georgia, on the 9th of May in 2014, a new chapter in the Gates family’s story was written with the birth of Khaza Kamil Gates. Fast forward to 2023, and Khaza has blossomed into a 9-year-old with a world of possibilities before him.

But this isn’t just any childhood; it’s one steeped in luxury and privilege. As the progeny of Kevin and Dreka Gates, two names that have etched themselves into the annals of the music and entertainment industry, Khaza’s upbringing has been nothing short of opulent. From lavish homes to designer wardrobes, his life exudes the glitz and glamour that accompany a life in the limelight.

Khaza Kamil Gates

Yet, what sets Khaza’s upbringing apart is not just the material wealth but the deliberate choice his parents made in his education. In 2021, the Gates family opted to homeschool Khaza, charting a unique educational path for their son. Their decision goes beyond the desire for flexibility; it stems from a deeper philosophy. They believe that traditional schooling can, in a way, shackle young minds, and they’re determined to provide Khaza with the freedom to explore and learn at his own pace.

This decision to homeschool reflects the Gates’ commitment to nurturing a well-rounded, independent thinker. It’s a choice that speaks to their dedication as parents and their aspiration to ensure that Khaza’s potential is boundless. As we journey through Khaza Kamil Gates’ life, it becomes clear that his story is not just about luxury and fame but about carving a unique path of growth and self-discovery.

Khaza’s Unique Birth

When Khaza was just five years old, his mother, Dreka Gates, took to her Instagram to unveil a remarkable and deeply personal detail about his birth—a water birth. This unconventional birthing experience added another layer of uniqueness to Khaza’s already extraordinary life.

On May 9, 2019, Dreka shared an adorable picture of her infant son, introducing the world to the euphoric journey of bringing Khaza into this world. In her heartfelt caption, she shared insights into her water birth experience, shedding light on the beauty of this unconventional approach to childbirth.

Water birth, in itself, is a practice that is embraced by some for its soothing and calming effects during labor and delivery. It allows for a gentle transition for the baby from the womb into the world, mimicking the warm, fluid-filled environment they’ve known for nine months. The significance of water birth extends to its emphasis on a natural, unmedicated approach to childbirth, aligning with the Gates’ holistic approach to parenting.

Khaza Kamil Gates

For the Gates family, the choice of water birth signifies not only a unique birthing experience but also a celebration of the unconventional. It showcases their willingness to embrace alternative approaches to life’s most profound moments and their commitment to ensuring that Khaza’s journey into this world was as serene and special as possible.

The Meaning Behind His Name- Khaza Kamil Gates

Khaza Kamil Gates’ name carries profound significance, rooted in its Arabic origin, which adds layers of depth to his identity. In the Gates family, names aren’t mere labels; they tell a story.

Khaza, derived from Arabic, holds a beautiful meaning that resonates with the family’s values and beliefs. In Islam, Khaza translates to ‘gift from God.’ It symbolizes the notion that Khaza is a precious blessing, a divine present, in the lives of his parents, Kevin and Dreka Gates.

Moreover, Khaza’s middle name, Kamil, adds another layer of meaning. Kamil, also of Arabic origin, signifies ‘perfect.’ Together, Khaza Kamil forms a name that carries the essence of perfection and divinity—a testament to the family’s profound faith and appreciation for the sacred.

This choice of Arabic names also reflects the Gates family’s commitment to their Islamic faith. Both Kevin and Dreka practice Islam, and this influence is evident in the names they’ve chosen for their children. By giving their children Arabic names, they honor their heritage and the values instilled by their faith.

Siblings and Family Dynamics

In the tapestry of Khaza Kamil Gates’ life, his family plays a pivotal role, and at its heart is a constellation of siblings and a father’s protective embrace.

Khaza’s immediate family includes his older sister, Islah Koren Gates, born on November 30, 2012. Islah is not just his sister; she’s a cherished companion in the journey of growing up amidst fame and responsibility. Together, they share a bond that is both a source of joy and strength, reinforcing the family’s unity.

Khaza Kamil Gates

However, the Gates family extends beyond Khaza and Islah. Kevin Gates, their father, has other children from different relationships. While their names remain undisclosed, one thing is abundantly clear—Kevin Gates is fiercely protective of his children. In an exclusive talk with Complex almost a decade ago, Kevin Gates emphasized that, despite the public’s awareness of his other children (Khaza’s half-siblings), he would shield them from the media’s prying eyes.

This protective stance underscores Kevin Gates’ commitment to safeguarding his children from the pressures and scrutiny that often accompany fame. It also speaks to the deep love and responsibility he feels towards all his offspring, a testament to the complex dynamics of a family in the public eye.

Parents’ Marriage and Relationship

Behind the curtain of fame and fortune, lies a love story that has been at the heart of Khaza Kamil Gates’ upbringing—a love story that defies convention and showcases the enduring bond between his parents, Kevin and Dreka Gates.

The tale of Kevin and Dreka’s love story began in 2004 when they first crossed paths in Louisiana. Their connection was immediate and profound, and from that moment on, they became inseparable. Their journey together was not without its share of challenges, but it was marked by resilience and an unbreakable bond that continues to this day.

In October 2015, the couple took a significant step forward in their relationship by walking down the aisle, officially becoming husband and wife. What makes their union remarkable is the timing; by the time they decided to marry, their younger son, Khaza, was already 17 months old. Their marriage was a testament to their commitment to their family and their enduring love for each other.

Recent rumors about the couple’s separation have circulated, raising questions about the status of their relationship. However, a closer look at Dreka’s Instagram reveals that they continue to stand together, dispelling any doubts about their commitment. Their relationship is a testament to the strength of their bond, which has weathered the storms of fame and public scrutiny.

One unique aspect of Kevin and Dreka’s relationship is their open understanding, a choice they made together to explore relationships with others while remaining committed to each other. This openness is a reflection of their mutual trust and deep connection, and it adds another layer to the complexity of their love story.

Dreka Gates: More Than a Mother

Behind every great family is a strong and dynamic woman, and in the Gates family, that role is brilliantly fulfilled by Dreka Gates—a woman whose achievements extend far beyond her role as a mother.

Khaza Kamil Gates

Dreka Gates is a multi-faceted personality who has left her mark in various fields. Her career spans across acting, modeling, and her significant role as the co-founder of the record label company, Bread Winner’s Association, which she founded alongside her husband, Kevin Gates, in 2010. Through her work in the music industry, she has not only supported Kevin’s career but has also made a name for herself as a savvy businesswoman and entrepreneur.

Born on August 31, 1986, Dreka hails from Baton Rouge, Louisiana, and her journey to success is a testament to her determination and talent. She is an alumna of Louisiana State University, where she earned a degree in Fashion Merchandising—a reflection of her educational background and her commitment to personal growth and development.

Dreka’s accomplishments in various fields, from her involvement in the music industry to her success in fashion, acting, and modeling, paint a portrait of a woman who has seized opportunities and made her mark in diverse domains. Her achievements complement her role as a loving mother to Khaza Kamil Gates and Islah Koren Gates, showcasing a woman of remarkable talents and influence who continues to inspire those around her.

Kevin Gates’ Album Dedicated to Khaza

In the ever-evolving tapestry of the Gates family’s life, music plays a significant role, and in 2022, Kevin Gates, Khaza’s illustrious father, made a heartwarming and extraordinary gesture. He released his third studio album, aptly titled “Khaza,” dedicated to his beloved son.

The album “Khaza” stands as a testament to the profound bond between father and son, a musical tribute encapsulating the depth of their relationship. Comprising a total of 19 tracks, the album resonates with Kevin Gates’ signature style, offering listeners a lyrical journey infused with raw emotion and authenticity.

Notably, “Khaza” made waves in the world of music upon its release. It ascended to the number eight position on the US Billboard 200 chart, a remarkable achievement that speaks volumes about Kevin Gates’ enduring popularity and the genuine connection he has with his fans. The album’s success is a reflection of the resonance it found not only among music enthusiasts but also among those who appreciate the personal touch that Kevin added by naming it after his youngest son.

Through “Khaza,” Kevin Gates shared not just his music but a piece of his heart, allowing listeners to glimpse into his world as a father. This gesture underscores the deep love and pride he feels for Khaza Kamil Gates and is a lasting testament to their unique father-son relationship.

Khaza’s Intelligence and Awareness

Beyond the glitz and glamour that surrounds his family, Khaza Kamil Gates is proving to be a remarkable young individual in his own right. His intelligence and awareness have begun to shine through, demonstrating a maturity beyond his years.

One notable anecdote that showcases Khaza’s intelligence and awareness revolves around online safety. In a world where technology and the internet play a significant role in the lives of children, Khaza demonstrated a level of discernment that caught the attention of his parents and admirers alike.

Back on February 28, 2019, his mother, Dreka, took to social media to share an incident that highlighted Khaza’s astuteness. She mentioned a disturbing online character known as “Momo,” who had been encouraging children to engage in dangerous activities, even self-harm.

Instead of succumbing to peer pressure or following harmful instructions, Khaza took a proactive approach. He went straight to his parents, sharing the concerning information about “Momo.” This responsible and thoughtful act not only demonstrated his awareness of online safety but also reflected his ability to distinguish right from wrong and seek guidance when needed.

Khaza’s actions underline the importance of open communication within the Gates family. He feels comfortable discussing potentially risky situations with his parents, creating an environment where concerns can be addressed and dangers can be mitigated.

Khaza’s intelligence and awareness not only bode well for his personal development but also serve as a reminder of the crucial role parents play in nurturing their children’s ability to navigate the complexities of the digital age.

Khaza’s Lavish Lifestyle

Growing up in the Gates family, Khaza Kamil Gates experiences a life of luxury and opulence, thanks in no small part to the remarkable success of his father, Kevin Gates.

As of 2023, Kevin Gates boasts a net worth exceeding $1 million, a testament to his over a decade-long career in the music industry. This substantial wealth translates into a lavish upbringing for Khaza and his family. The financial stability that comes with Kevin’s success ensures that Khaza enjoys a life filled with privileges and comfort that most can only dream of.

The Gates family resides in California, a state known for its affluent neighborhoods and luxurious lifestyles. This choice of residence adds another layer of extravagance to Khaza’s upbringing. California offers access to top-notch educational institutions, entertainment, and cultural experiences that contribute to his well-rounded development.

Being part of a wealthy family comes with its own set of advantages. Khaza has the opportunity to explore his interests and passions, access the best education, and experience the world in ways that many can only imagine. He is surrounded by a nurturing environment that encourages him to dream big and pursue his goals.

However, growing up in a wealthy family also brings its own set of challenges and expectations. It means learning to navigate the complexities of privilege and understanding the responsibilities that come with it. Khaza’s journey is not just about luxury; it’s also about growth, self-discovery, and making the most of the opportunities that come his way.


In the midst of fame’s glittering allure and the rhythms of the music world, Khaza Kamil Gates emerges as a young star with a story uniquely his own. His upbringing, as the youngest child of renowned rapper Kevin Gates and social media influencer Dreka Gates, is a symphony of luxury, love, and opportunity.

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