Uniting for Equality: Celebrating National One United Race Day- History, Significance, Timeline, Facts, Quotes, Messages, October 28

In a world divided by visible and invisible boundaries, there is a day that stands as a beacon of hope, a day when the fight against Racism and prejudice reaches new heights. National One United Race Day, observed on the fourth Saturday in October, is a powerful reminder that we are all part of the same human race, and this year, it falls on October 28.

It is a day designed to bring global attention to the pervasive issue of Racism and its far-reaching impacts on people worldwide. This is not just any ordinary day; it’s a call to action that challenges us to unite under the banner of “One Race For One Race.” Join us as we delve into the history, significance, and mission of National One United Race Day, and discover how you can be a part of the change we all wish to see in the world.

History of National One United Race Day

Racism, an insidious force that has marred humanity’s history, traces its roots back to the earliest pages of our shared story. It emerged when the world was young, and interaction between people was often defined by migration, trade, territorial expansion, or conflict. During these times, differences in physical appearance, language, culture, and origin were used to create boundaries that separated and discriminated, often leading to the enslavement and exploitation of those perceived as different.

The 15th century ushered in the era of colonialism, which further amplified the exploitation of these differences, solidifying “race” as a defining factor for justifying open hatred against fellow humans. In the 18th and 19th centuries, science was manipulated to perpetuate racist ideologies, with different races being perceived as biologically distinct, each occupying a specific place in a hierarchical order.

National One United Race Day

However, over time, the concept of race became a subject of debate, and society’s understanding of Racism evolved. Acts and conventions to combat Racism became a global goal, representing a significant historical turning point. Racism, while still persistent in various regions of the world, began to face opposition from the international community.

Racism remains a complex issue, deeply entrenched in the fabric of many countries across the globe. However, people’s willingness to acknowledge and confront their role in perpetuating this phenomenon has changed. We have come to understand that change is a gradual process, and National One United Race Day stands as one of the many occasions created to support people in their ongoing battle against Racism.

National One United Race Day Timeline

National One United Race Day is a testament to the ceaseless struggle against Racism and discrimination, a beacon of hope in a world seeking unity. Let’s journey through the significant milestones that have marked this day and the broader fight against Racism:

The Civil Rights Act (July 2, 1964): A monumental moment in history when the United States enacted the Civil Rights Act, a groundbreaking piece of legislation that declared that everyone should be equal before the law. This act outlawed discrimination based on race, nationality, sex, colour, or religion. It marked a pivotal step towards recognizing the importance of equality and justice for all.

The End of the Apartheid Movement (1990 – 1993): South Africa’s apartheid system, a grim symbol of racial segregation and injustice, ended thanks to the tireless efforts of activists and negotiators, both within and beyond the country’s borders. The fall of apartheid was a triumph for the fight against Racism and a symbol of hope for all who seek equality.

National One United Race Day

Our Day is Founded (2019): A momentous year when Our United Race (OUR) created a special day to celebrate every race, National One United Race Day. This day is a testament to the power of individuals and organizations dedicated to promoting unity and battling Racism.

Representation On Television (2020): In a move towards greater inclusivity and diversity, it was declared that people of colour on shows like “The Simpsons” would no longer be voiced by white actors. This change is part of a broader effort to enhance the portrayal of people of colour in media, further recognizing the importance of representation in the fight against Racism.

How to Observe National One United Race Day

National One United Race Day is not merely a day to mark on the calendar; it is an opportunity to engage in the fight against Racism actively. Here are three meaningful ways to observe this day and contribute to the cause:

Join the “One Race for One Race” 7k Run

  • Consider participating in the “One Race for One Race” 7k run. This event represents a powerful symbol of unity and a collective effort to combat Racism. It’s an opportunity to physically and symbolically support the cause.
  • Stay updated on event details, registration information, and locations where the run will occur. Your active participation will make a significant impact.

Promote Self-Education

  • An informed individual is a powerful force in the fight against Racism. Use National One United Race Day as a starting point to educate yourself about the complexities of Racism and its impact on society.
  • Seek out books, documentaries, articles, and educational programs that offer insights into Racism, privilege, and the experiences of marginalized communities. Share these resources with friends and family to spread awareness.
National One United Race Day

Speak Up Against Racism

  • Silence in the face of injustice perpetuates discrimination. National One United Race Day encourages individuals to find their voices and stand against Racism.
  • Speak out if you witness or experience racial discrimination in your community or workplace. Engage in constructive conversations, support anti-racism initiatives, and be an ally to those facing discrimination.
  • Encourage open dialogue on the topic of Racism, both online and offline. Share stories, experiences, and insights that challenge stereotypes and promote unity.

5 Facts About Racism and One United Race (OUR)

Understanding the depth and breadth of Racism is essential in the battle against discrimination. Here are five crucial facts that shed light on the issue and highlight the vital role of One United Race (OUR) in the fight against Racism:

1. Gender Can Determine Awareness

Studies have shown that 80% of women from advanced countries feel discriminated against based on race or ethnicity, a serious problem compared to 68% of men. This statistic underscores the need for increased awareness and action against racial discrimination, as it affects diverse population segments.

2. Racism in the Corporate World

Research conducted in the United States revealed a troubling disparity: individuals with traditionally white names received 50% more callbacks on their resumes than those with more ethnic names. This fact underscores the systemic nature of Racism, even in professional settings.

National One United Race Day

3. An A U.N. Convention Like No Other

The International Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination, proposed in 1965, is a cornerstone in the global fight against Racism. It defines how individuals should be treated worldwide and is widely regarded as the most important document on international human rights, providing a framework for international cooperation against racial discrimination.

4. How OUR Aids Anti-Racism Efforts

One United Race (OUR) is not merely an advocate for change; it actively supports anti-racism initiatives. The organization donates a portion of its product sales and dedicates half of the proceeds from National One United Race Day to various anti-racism groups. This financial support helps fuel the efforts of organizations working on the front lines of this crucial battle.

5. A Run That Unifies

National One United Race Day’s 2022 theme centres on the 7k walk or run, symbolizing the seven continents and the idea that every person is part of the same human race. This fact highlights the symbolic power of the event to unify people across the globe, transcending boundaries and emphasizing the universal nature of the struggle against Racism.

National One United Race Day Messages and Quotes


(i) “On National One United Race Day, let’s stand together because unity is our strength.”
(ii) “Diversity makes us unique, but unity makes us strong. Happy National One United Race Day!”
(iii) “Embrace our differences and celebrate our common humanity. Together, we can end Racism.”

(iv) “Every race is beautiful, every culture is valuable, and every individual deserves respect. #OneUnitedRace”
(v) “Let’s raise our voices against Racism and discrimination. Together, we can make a difference!”
(vi) “No one is born hating another person because of the colour of their skin. Let’s end Racism. #OneRaceForOneRace”

(vii) “Stand up, speak out, and unite for a world where we are judged by the content of our character, not the colour of our skin.”
(viii) “Racism has no place in our world. Let’s work together to eradicate it. #NationalOneUnitedRaceDay”

National One United Race Day

(ix) “Our differences interest us, but our shared humanity connects us. Happy National One United Race Day!”
(x) “Change begins with awareness. Let’s educate ourselves and our communities about the importance of unity and equality.”


(i) “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.” – Martin Luther King Jr.
(ii) “Our ability to reach unity in diversity will be the beauty and the test of our civilization.” – Mahatma Gandhi
(iii) “The only race we should all strive to win is the race for equality.” – Unknown

(iv) “We may have all come on different ships, but we’re in the same boat now.” – Martin Luther King Jr.
(v) “Racism is taught in our society; it is not automatic. It is learned behaviour toward persons with dissimilar physical characteristics.” – Alex Haley

(vi) “Our true nationality is mankind.” – H.G. Wells
(vii) “The diversity in the human family should be the cause of love and harmony, as it is in music where many different notes blend in the making of a perfect chord.” – Baha’i Faith

(viii) “We cannot all succeed when half of us are held back.” – Malala Yousafzai
(ix) “Differences don’t divide us; they enrich us. Let’s celebrate diversity on National One United Race Day.”
(x) “The only race that matters is the human race. Let’s stand together for a world free from Racism.”

Why National One United Race Day Is Important

National One United Race Day is not just a date on the calendar; it is a catalyst for change, a day of great significance in the ongoing battle against Racism. Here’s why this day holds a special place in the hearts of those who champion unity and equality:

Facilitating Discussions About Racism and Unity

National One United Race Day is a vital platform for discussions about Racism and unity. The countless people who run or walk in the “One Race for One Race” in locations across the globe spark online and offline conversations. This widespread participation encourages individuals from diverse backgrounds to engage in dialogue about the pressing issues of Racism and discrimination. It amplifies the voices of those who have long been silenced.

Creating a Sense of Community

The day brings together like-minded individuals who share a commitment to the principles of equality and unity. As a result, numerous communities and support groups emerged, offering a safe space for people to speak out against Racism and discrimination. These communities provide a sense of belonging and empower individuals to take action, fostering a spirit of togetherness that transcends boundaries.

Breaking the Silence

For far too long, many have chosen to remain silent in the face of injustice, driven by fear or anxiety about how to demand equality. National One United Race Day is an encouraging forum for those who have been silent or hesitant to speak up. It empowers individuals to break the silence, demand equality, and challenge the status quo. As more individuals find their voices, the world becomes brighter and hopeful for everyone, regardless of race.

OUR Vision and Mission

One United Race (OUR) is driven by a powerful vision and an unwavering mission rooted in the belief that humanity’s strength lies in unity and equality. Here’s a closer look at the heart and soul of OUR:


At One United Race (OUR), our vision is clear and unwavering: we envision a world where the silent majority, irrespective of language, ethnicity, or country of origin, recognizes and values the fundamental truth that all people are equal and deserving of equal opportunities. We see a world where diversity and uniqueness are celebrated, not used as divisive tools. Our vision is one of a global community united by the belief that we are all part of the same human race.


OUR’s mission is threefold and firmly anchored in action:

A Platform for Awareness: OUR aims to be a positive uniting voice for the silent majority worldwide who believe in the universal principle that all individuals are created equal. We provide a platform for individuals to share their stories, experiences, and hopes, reinforcing the importance of unity in diversity.

Education and Positive Dialogue: We strive to be an educational resource that fosters understanding and empathy. Ours actively supports and promotes the importance of self-education, equipping individuals with the knowledge and tools to combat Racism. Positive dialogue catalyzes change, and we encourage conversations that challenge stereotypes and promote unity.

One United Race Day: OUR flagship event, National One United Race Day, was created with a clear purpose: to raise international awareness that Racism is still pervasive in our world and must be confronted. There was a time when silence was seen as a form of protest against Racism, but OUR firmly believes that silence is no longer loud enough, effective enough, or strong enough. We must unite and stand against all forms of privilege and Racism. Our mission is to mobilize people, not just on this day but every day, to raise their voices against discrimination, inequality, and injustice.

The Need to Stand Against Division and Discrimination

National One United Race Day was born out of the urgent need to confront the vocal minority that seeks to divide and discriminate. OUR recognizes that while the fringes of our society. However, vocal and well-resourced make up a small percentage of the population; they create a disproportionate amount of noise and garner attention by exploiting meaningless differences that should be celebrated rather than used to divide us.

Racism and the inequality it perpetuates are among the most damaging issues today, and this problem knows no borders. It is a global issue that demands a global response. OUR acknowledges that most people, although often silent or at least quiet, share the belief that everyone should have equal opportunities to succeed regardless of race, language, ethnicity, or origin. National One United Race Day is a bold assertion that we can no longer be silent in the face of division and discrimination. OUR’s mission is clear: to amplify the voices of the silent majority, demand equality, and unite humanity as one race, working together to bring about the change the world so desperately needs.


In the ongoing struggle against Racism, National One United Race Day stands as a powerful beacon of hope, unity, and change. It is not merely a day on the calendar; it is a call to action, a resounding affirmation that we are all part of the same human race. The significance of this day is monumental, for it facilitates conversations, fosters a sense of community, and encourages the breaking of silence that has perpetuated injustice for far too long.

National One United Race Day is an opportunity to unite against Racism and discrimination. It symbolizes the possibility of a world where diversity is celebrated, and everyone is treated with equal respect and opportunities. It signifies the commitment of the silent majority who believe that unity can conquer division and that equality is not a privilege but a fundamental right.

As we conclude, we urge you not to let this day pass by as another date on the calendar. Get involved, raise your voice for equality, and become an active part of the ongoing fight against Racism. Join the “One Race for One Race” run, educate yourself, and speak out against injustice. Let National One United Race Day be a catalyst for change, a day that paves the way for a brighter, more equitable future. Together, we can overcome the challenges of Racism and build a world where the colour of our skin does not define us, but the content of our character unites us all.

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