Azja Pryor: A Multi-Talented Journey From Casting Director to Health Coach- Age, Family, Career, husband, Wiki Bio [2023]

Azja Pryor, a name that resonates with the glitz and glamour of Hollywood, first captured the public’s attention as the former wife of renowned actor and comedian Chris Tucker. Her connection to the Rush Hour franchise star may have thrust her into the spotlight, but Azja Pryor’s journey extends far beyond her high-profile marriage.

With an intriguing transition from a successful casting director to a thriving health coach, Azja Pryor has carved a unique path in the world of entertainment and wellness. In this exploration, we delve deeper into her life, career, and the inspiring evolution that has defined her journey.

Early Life and Family of Azja Pryor

Azja Pryor’s story begins on September 18, 1978, in the vibrant city of Berkeley, California, placing her firmly under the Virgo zodiac sign—a symbol of her tenacity and attention to detail. While her birthplace and astrological sign provide intriguing insights into her personality, the details of her family life offer a more complex narrative.

Azja’s mother, Deborah B. Pryor, emerges as a central figure in her life, providing love and support throughout her journey. However, her siblings remain shrouded in mystery, their identities and stories undisclosed to the public.

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It’s worth noting that despite sharing the last name Pryor, Azja Pryor is not related to the legendary comedian Richard Pryor. Although both have made their mark in the entertainment industry, their family trees do not intertwine, dispelling any misconceptions of a familial connection between the two.

Education and Early Career

Azja Pryor’s journey towards success was paved with dedication and a strong foundation in education. She embarked on her path to knowledge at Hamilton Sr. High School, where she honed her skills and set the stage for her future endeavors. Afterward, she pursued higher education at Los Angeles Community College, further enhancing her qualifications and preparing herself for the competitive world of entertainment.

Azja’s early career took shape in the exhilarating realm of casting. As a casting director, she played a crucial role in shaping the entertainment landscape, showcasing her innate talent for recognizing potential and assembling talent ensembles that brought stories to life. One of her notable projects in this capacity was her involvement with the television program “Eve,” where her talent management and selection skills contributed significantly to the program’s success.

Career Transition to Health Coach

Azja Pryor’s evolution from a prominent casting director to a respected health coach represents a remarkable testament to her versatility and determination. After making her mark in the entertainment industry, she embarked on a new chapter in her life by venturing into the world of wellness and health advocacy.

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Today, Azja Pryor stands as a beacon of inspiration in the field of health coaching, dedicating her expertise to helping individuals lead healthier lives and improve their overall well-being. Her journey from the spotlight of Hollywood to the wellness arena has been characterized by unwavering commitment and an enduring passion for enhancing people’s lives.

Educator at the Center for Baby Wearing Studies (CBWS)

Azja Pryor’s dedication to the pursuit of well-being extends beyond her role as a health coach. She also serves as an educator at the Center for Baby Wearing Studies (CBWS), where she shares her knowledge and expertise to promote safe and nurturing practices for parents and caregivers.

Her involvement with CBWS underscores her commitment to not only personal wellness but also the well-being of families and children. Through education and advocacy, she contributes to creating a healthier and more informed community.

Utilizing Modern Technology and Social Media

In the digital age, Azja Pryor harnesses the power of modern technology and social media to extend her reach and impact as a health coach. With a strong presence on platforms like Instagram, where she engages with over [number] followers (as of [date]), she provides a platform for individuals to access valuable insights, advice, and inspiration.

Through her active online presence, Azja Pryor brings the principles of health and fitness directly to her audience, utilizing the latest trends and techniques to connect with and motivate those seeking a healthier lifestyle. Her adept use of social media platforms exemplifies her adaptability and commitment to helping others embark on their own journeys to improved well-being.

Philanthropic Work

Azja Pryor’s commitment to making a positive impact extends beyond her professional endeavors. She has actively engaged in philanthropic activities, partnering with organizations that aim to create a better world and improve the lives of those in need. Her dedication to these causes reflects her generous spirit and a genuine desire to give back to the community.

One notable collaboration in Azja Pryor’s philanthropic portfolio is her involvement with the Children’s Hospital Los Angeles. Through her efforts and contributions, she has played a role in supporting the healthcare needs of children and families facing challenging medical circumstances. Her dedication to this cause underscores her compassion and commitment to improving the lives of young patients and their families.

Additionally, Azja Pryor has aligned herself with the American Heart Association, an organization dedicated to fighting heart disease and stroke. Her support for this cause emphasizes her concern for public health and her desire to raise awareness about the importance of heart health.

Azja Pryor’s Net Worth

Azja Pryor’s journey through diverse career paths has not only been marked by success but has also contributed to her financial well-being. Her estimated net worth, which stands at approximately $1 million, reflects the fruits of her labor and achievements in various professional arenas.

The bulk of Azja Pryor’s income has been generated through her career as both a casting director and a health coach. Her proficiency in the entertainment industry as a casting director, coupled with her transformative work as a health coach, has allowed her to establish a stable and prosperous financial foundation.

Her ability to excel in different fields and maintain financial stability underscores her versatility and resilience. Azja Pryor’s net worth not only reflects her monetary success but also serves as a testament to her unwavering dedication and determination in pursuing her passions and endeavors.

Personal Life

Azja Pryor’s personal life has been a journey marked by love, family, and personal growth. Her relationships and family dynamics reveal a multifaceted aspect of her life beyond her professional accomplishments.

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Marriage and Relationships

Azja Pryor’s most widely recognized relationship was her marriage to the celebrated actor and comedian Chris Tucker. Their union began in 1997, after a period of dating, and though it once graced the headlines, the marriage eventually concluded in 2003. Despite their divorce, Azja Pryor and Chris Tucker have maintained an amicable relationship and jointly raised their son together.

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Following her divorce from Chris Tucker, Azja Pryor’s romantic journey continued. She had a relationship with the renowned musician and actor Ludacris, beginning in 2005. However, their relationship was relatively brief, and they parted ways in 2006.

Currently, Azja Pryor is happily married to Cherif Ndiaye, a Senegalese personal trainer and life coach, who goes by the nickname “Adou Ndiaye” or “Aduman.” Cherif Ndiaye is active on social media, sharing insights into their life together, and can be found on Instagram under the handle “coachcherif.”


Azja Pryor is the proud mother of two children from different relationships. Her eldest son, Destin Christopher Tucker, was born on September 13, 1998. Destin pursued his education at Oaks Christian School in Los Angeles and later attended Atlanta’s Morehouse College, where he earned an honors degree in Cinema, Television, and Emerging Media Studies. His graduation in May 2021 marked a significant milestone in his academic journey.

Destin Christopher Tucker has embraced a career in the entertainment industry, akin to his father’s path, but with a preference for working behind the scenes as a filmmaker rather than an actor.

Azja Pryor and Cherif Ndiaye welcomed their daughter, Iman Joelle, into the world on April 16, 2017. The family dynamic has been harmonious, as Azja, Destin, and Iman have fostered a close relationship with Cherif’s two children from a previous relationship, further enriching their blended family.

Azja Pryor’s personal life is a testament to her capacity to build strong, supportive relationships and maintain a harmonious family environment, fostering a sense of love and togetherness among her loved ones.

Azja Pryor’s Age and Social Media Presence

As of 2023, Azja Pryor stands at the age of 44, a testament to her enduring vitality and unwavering commitment to her various pursuits.

In the realm of social media, Azja Pryor maintains an active and engaging presence on Instagram, where she connects with a wide audience. You can find her on Instagram under the handle @loveazja. With her compelling content and valuable insights into fitness, wellness, and family life, she has garnered a substantial following, amassing a dedicated community of 13.5k followers as of 2023. Her active engagement with her followers on this platform provides a window into her inspiring journey and offers valuable guidance to those seeking a healthier and more fulfilling lifestyle.


Azja Pryor’s life story is a tapestry woven with determination, resilience and a fervent commitment to both personal growth and the well-being of others. From her early days as a casting director to her current role as a thriving health coach and educator, she has embarked on a journey marked by versatility and unwavering dedication.

Her philanthropic endeavors, involvement in causes close to her heart, and her ability to navigate various career transitions are a testament to her multifaceted character. Azja Pryor’s financial success, with an estimated net worth of approximately $1 million, mirrors her accomplishments in the professional sphere.

Beyond her career achievements, Azja Pryor’s personal life is characterized by meaningful relationships, including her co-parenting journey with Chris Tucker and her loving family life with her husband Cherif Ndiaye and their children, Destin Christopher Tucker and Iman Joelle.

For those seeking inspiration, health and wellness guidance, or simply a glimpse into a life filled with purpose and positivity, Azja Pryor invites you to join her on social media. Follow her on Instagram (@loveazja) for updates on her fitness journey, family adventures, and her ongoing pursuit of a vibrant and fulfilling life.

Azja Pryor’s story continues to unfold, and her journey serves as a source of motivation and encouragement for all who aspire to embrace their true potential and thrive in every aspect of life.

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