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Joanne Schieble Simpson, a name not as widely recognized as her son Steve Jobs, played a pivotal and unique role in the story of Apple Inc. She was the mother of the iconic co-founder of Apple, a tech giant that reshaped the world. But her story is not merely about her bloodline connection to one of the most influential figures in the tech industry; it’s a tale of extraordinary choices, sacrifice, and the profound impact they had on both her family and the technological landscape.

Born in Wisconsin, USA, on January 1, 1932, Joanne’s life was marked by adversity from the beginning. Her parents, Arthur and Irene Schieble, defied societal norms with their interfaith marriage, facing disapproval from Irene’s Catholic family and Arthur’s Syrian Muslim heritage. This early struggle foreshadowed the challenges that Joanne would confront throughout her life.

What makes Joanne’s story truly exceptional is her courageous decision to give up her child for adoption. On February 24, 1955, in San Francisco, she gave birth to a son, Steve Jobs, while unmarried and only 23 years old. The circumstances surrounding this event were far from ideal, with parental disapproval and the absence of a stable family structure.

Paul Reinhold Jobs adopted steve jobs

Joanne’s act of selflessness would set in motion a series of events that would eventually lead to the creation of one of the world’s most influential tech companies. Steve Jobs, adopted by Paul and Clara Jobs, grew up in an environment that nurtured his curiosity and creativity, laying the foundation for his future success. Joanne’s choice to give him up for adoption indirectly influenced the birth of Apple Inc., making her an unsung hero in the world of technology.

In this article, we will delve into the remarkable journey of Joanne Schieble Simpson, from her early life to her later years, and explore the enduring impact of her decision on the tech industry and the life of her son, Steve Jobs. This is the story of a woman who made an extraordinary choice, forever changing the course of history.

Joanne Schieble Simpson Wiki

Full NameJoanne Carole Schieble Simpson
Age (as of 2023)91 years
Birth Year1932
BirthplaceWisconsin, USA
EducationUniversity of Wisconsin-Madison
Famous forBeing Steve Jobs’s Mother
ParentsArthur and Irene Schieble
Relationship with Steve JobsBirth mother
Husband/SpouseAbdulfattah Jandali (m. 1955–1962) and George Simpson (divorced)
ChildrenSteve Jobs, Mona Simpson (with Abdulfattah Jandali), John Simpson (with George Simpson)
ProfessionSpeech-language pathologist
Later YearsLived a private life away from the public eye
Date of PassingJanuary 19, 2018
NationalityAmerican, Swiss
Zodiac SignLeo

Early Life and Family Background of Joanne Schieble Simpson

Joanne Carole Schieble Simpson’s journey began on January 1, 1932, in the heart of Wisconsin, USA. She emerged into a world marked by both promise and adversity, a harbinger of the challenges she would later confront.

Joanne’s parents, Arthur and Irene Schieble, were the architects of her early life. Their story, however, was not one of conventional ease. Arthur, hailing from Syria, had converted to Islam, and Irene, a Swiss Catholic, met him at the University of Wisconsin. Their union was a testament to love transcending cultural and religious boundaries. Yet, it was a love that defied the wishes of Irene’s maternal grandparents, leading to their disownment.

Financial difficulties soon plagued the Schieble family, intensifying the strains on their union. Inevitably, Joanne’s parents separated when she was still a tender child. Her mother, Irene, later married George Simpson, a man who would play a significant role in Joanne’s life. George Simpson became a steadying presence for young Joanne, offering her not only guidance but also a new last name.

In adopting her stepfather’s surname, Joanne Schieble symbolically embraced a fresh start, stepping into a chapter of her life that would ultimately shape her into the woman who would make a profound impact on the world, albeit in ways she could never have foreseen. This familial foundation, marked by diversity, struggle, and the resilient spirit to navigate it all, laid the groundwork for the incredible story of Joanne Schieble Simpson.

Education and Career of Joanne Schieble Simpson

Joanne Schieble Simpson’s pursuit of education and her subsequent career choices would shape not only her own path but also indirectly influence the course of history.

Joanne Schieble Simpson

Her academic journey led her to the hallowed halls of the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Here, she embarked on a path of learning, seeking knowledge and opportunity in an ever-evolving world. It was during her time at this esteemed institution that Joanne’s life intersected with Abdulfattah Jandali, a fellow student whose name would later become intricately linked to the story of her son, Steve Jobs.

Abdulfattah Jandali, originally from Homs, Syria, was an exceptional young man who had ventured to the United States at the age of twenty. His academic pursuits led him to the University of Wisconsin, where he crossed paths with Joanne. He embarked on a remarkable journey, earning his Ph.D. in economics and political science at an early age. Jandali’s academic achievements were a testament to his dedication and intellect.

While their meeting at the university may have seemed coincidental at the time, it was a moment that would set in motion a chain of events with far-reaching consequences. Joanne’s encounter with Abdulfattah Jandali, the man who would later become Steve Jobs’ biological father, marked the beginning of a complex and intertwined narrative that would ultimately shape the tech industry.

Pregnancy and Adoption

The year was 1955 when Joanne Schieble Simpson faced a life-altering moment that would forever shape the destiny of her son, Steve Jobs, and the world of technology. On February 24th of that year, in the vibrant city of San Francisco, California, Joanne gave birth to a son, Steve.

However, the circumstances surrounding this momentous event were far from idyllic. At just 23 years old, Joanne found herself in a situation fraught with challenges. Her parents, still disheartened by her interfaith relationship and marriage, were equally distressed by her pregnancy. Abdulfattah Jandali, Steve’s biological father, also harbored concerns, fearing that having a child might jeopardize his planned marriage to another Syrian woman.

In the face of these immense pressures, Joanne’s parents convinced her to make a heart-wrenching choice: to give her newborn son up for adoption. It was a decision born out of love and concern, guided by the belief that this choice would provide Steve with a brighter future, one that Joanne was unable to offer at that moment.

On that very day, February 24, 1955, at the San Francisco General Hospital, Steve Jobs came into the world. It was a day marked not only by his birth but also by the selfless act of his birth mother. This decision would lead to the next chapter in Steve’s life—a life filled with promise, thanks to the commitment of two remarkable individuals.

Paul Jobs and Clara Jobs, a couple known for their warmth and dedication, stepped forward as Steve’s adoptive parents. They made a solemn promise: to provide him not only with love and care but also with a college education. This commitment would prove instrumental in nurturing the intellectual curiosity and creativity that would later define Steve’s contributions to the tech industry.

Joanne Schieble Simpson Reconnecting with Steve Jobs

The story of Joanne Schieble Simpson’s connection with her son, Steve Jobs, is one marked by twists of fate and a series of emotional reunions that would change their lives forever.

It wasn’t until Steve Jobs reached the age of 27 that he learned about his adoption. The revelation came as a profound shock, reshaping his understanding of his identity. The catalyst for this life-altering discovery was none other than Steve’s biological sister, Mona Simpson. In 1986, Mona took it upon herself to find their birth mother and orchestrate a reunion.

As Steve and Joanne began to spend time together, she evolved into a significant presence in his life. Their relationship, once veiled in anonymity, gradually transformed into a heartfelt connection. Joanne not only became a source of insight into Steve’s roots but also formed bonds with his wife, Laurene Powell Jobs, and their children. She seamlessly integrated into their family, creating a bridge that spanned the years of separation and the vast differences in their life experiences.

Steve’s sister, Mona, played a pivotal role in reuniting the family, bringing together individuals who had once been separated by circumstance and fate. Joanne’s presence offered Steve a unique perspective on his own origins, providing him with a deeper understanding of the complex tapestry of his family history.

Joanne’s journey, from the moment of her son’s adoption to their eventual reconnection, was one marked by resilience, forgiveness, and the enduring power of family bonds. In the midst of their unconventional and emotionally charged story, she found her place in the life of Steve Jobs, the tech visionary who would go on to change the world.

Joanne‘s Husband, Abdulfattah John Jandali

Abdulfattah John Jandali is a figure whose life story is closely intertwined with that of his famous son, Steve Jobs, yet he carved a path distinctly his own, filled with academic achievements and diverse pursuits.

Abdulfattah John Jandali

Born on March 15, 1931, in Homs, Syria, Jandali’s early years were marked by the influence of his parents. His mother was a dedicated housewife, while his father, a self-made millionaire, undoubtedly instilled in him a sense of ambition and a thirst for knowledge. It was a household where the values of hard work and self-improvement were deeply ingrained.

Jandali’s educational journey led him to a transformative odyssey across continents. After completing his high school education, he set his sights on the prestigious American University of Beirut. During his time there, his activism came to the fore, and he even found himself spending three days in jail—an experience that would shape his worldview.

In the mid-1950s, Jandali made a momentous decision—to leave his homeland and venture to the United States in pursuit of higher education and new opportunities. He began his academic journey at Columbia University, where he studied economics and political science. His insatiable thirst for knowledge led him to the University of Wisconsin, where he attained a Ph.D. in economics and political science at a remarkably young age.

Jandali’s academic pursuits were not limited to his studies; he also embarked on a career as a professor, teaching political science at institutions such as the University of Nevada. Later in his life, he transitioned to the food and beverage industry, ultimately becoming a vice president at a casino in Reno, Nevada.

Joanne‘s Daughter- Mona Simpson

Mona Simpson, a name that resonates in both the literary world and the annals of technology history, is not only a celebrated novelist but also the biological sister of Steve Jobs.

Born on June 14, 1957, in Green Bay, Wisconsin, Mona Jandali, as she was initially named, entered the world during a time of great change and upheaval. Her birth was a result of the complex circumstances that surrounded her parents, Joanne Carole Schieble and Abdulfattah John Jandali. Joanne and Abdulfattah, who had been students at the University of Wisconsin, faced resistance to their relationship from Joanne’s parents. Given the familial pressures and disapproval, Joanne made the heart-wrenching decision to place her daughter for adoption, only six months after she had done the same for her son, Steve Jobs.

Mona’s life took a different path as she was adopted by another family after Joanne’s divorce from her husband, George Simpson. Her new surname became Simpson, and she grew up in a world far removed from the fame and technology that would later define her brother’s life.

Mona’s journey would take an unexpected turn in the mid-1980s when she decided to embark on a quest to reunite her brother, Steve, with their birth mother, Joanne Schieble Simpson. It was an endeavor that required tenacity, persistence, and the desire to heal the wounds of separation. Mona played a pivotal role in orchestrating their reunion, a momentous event that would forever change the trajectory of their lives and lead to a reconnection between mother and son.

Beyond her role in reuniting her family, Mona Simpson made her mark in the world of literature. She is a celebrated novelist, known for her evocative storytelling and insightful explorations of human relationships. Her debut novel, “Anywhere but Here,” won a Whiting Award, and it was later adapted into a film. Mona’s literary journey has also included works like “The Lost Father” and “Off Keck Road,” which received critical acclaim and recognition.

Where is Joanne Schieble Simpson Now?

In the later years of her life, Joanne Schieble Simpson chose a path of privacy, away from the public eye that had been occasionally cast upon her due to her connection with her iconic son, Steve Jobs. While Steve’s journey took him to the pinnacle of the technology world, Joanne opted for a more secluded existence, cherishing her moments of solitude and reflection.

Her role in Steve’s life, however, remained profoundly influential. The decision she made to place Steve up for adoption, fraught with heartache at the time, set the stage for his remarkable upbringing by Paul and Clara Jobs. Their commitment to providing Steve with a college education played a pivotal role in nurturing the intellect and curiosity that would later shape the tech industry.

Joanne’s impact on Steve extended beyond the circumstances of his birth. Her passion for learning and her drive to make a difference in the world were qualities that he acknowledged and celebrated. In his well-known Stanford commencement speech in 2005, Steve Jobs paid tribute to his birth mother, recognizing the choices she made for his future.

In more recent times, Joanne Schieble Simpson’s health has taken a challenging turn. She has been suffering from terminal dementia, a condition that has significantly limited her mental abilities. Regrettably, she no longer recognizes herself, let alone comprehends the remarkable journey of her son, Steve Jobs, or the immense legacy he left behind.

Joanne currently resides in a respected nursing home, where she is receiving the care and support necessary to navigate her journey through dementia. Her later years are marked by the quietude of her private life, a stark contrast to the bustling world of innovation and technology that her son Steve revolutionized.


The life of Joanne Schieble Simpson is a narrative that weaves together the threads of sacrifice, resilience, and the profound influence of family bonds. From her humble beginnings in Wisconsin, USA, to the quiet corridors of a nursing home where she resides today, her journey is marked by extraordinary moments that resonate far beyond the confines of her own life.

Joanne’s early years were defined by the challenges of her parents’ interfaith marriage, a union that led to their disownment by her maternal grandparents. In the face of financial difficulties, she found stability and support in her stepfather, George Simpson, adopting his last name as her own.

Her educational journey at the University of Wisconsin-Madison brought her into the orbit of Abdulfattah Jandali, who would later become Steve Jobs’ father. Jandali’s academic pursuits, his transition to the United States from Syria, and his career as a professor and casino vice president painted a tapestry of achievement.

The circumstances surrounding Joanne’s pregnancy and Steve Jobs’ birth on February 24, 1955, led to her difficult decision to give him up for adoption. Paul and Clara Jobs, committed to providing their son with a college education, embraced Steve into their family, setting the stage for the tech genius that would emerge.

However, it was the subsequent reunion, orchestrated by Steve’s sister, Mona Simpson, that reshaped Joanne’s connection with her son. The relationship that unfolded between them, coupled with her bond with Steve’s wife, Laurene Powell Jobs, and their children, was marked by forgiveness and healing.

Joanne Schieble Simpson’s enduring influence extended to her biological son, Steve Jobs, who commended her for instilling in him a passion for learning and a drive to make a difference in the world. Her choices, though difficult, indirectly contributed to the creation of Apple Inc. and Steve Jobs’ iconic success.

In the quiet of her later life, Joanne faced the challenges of terminal dementia, her mental faculties dimmed by the passage of time. Yet, her legacy as the woman who made a profound choice for her son, and as the birth mother of a tech visionary, remains indelibly etched in the annals of history.

Joanne Schieble Simpson’s story is a testament to the enduring impact of family bonds and the profound influence that personal choices can have on the course of history. Her journey, though quiet, is a remarkable tale of love, sacrifice, and the remarkable connections that shape our lives.

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